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From 14th May 2023.

Donation requirements will be posted below.
Please do not bring items until you either contact us,
on the contact page, and let us know what you have
so we can advise
or email the list here, please.

Imagine- Peace live!!
Watch Alan live on Methodist Website!!
Imagine- Peace live!!
Watch Alan live on Youtube!!
Alan an Sue received an Award at the Eurovision opening Party and Concert, on Sunday night at St Georges Plateau!
See the video here.
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Ukraine Welcome Centre - South Sefton

Welcome Centre Closed for Donations:
Sunday- Monday 7th & 8th,
Monday 29th May.

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>>>> You Tube Promo of Celtic Knot: Open here <<<<

Ukrainian peace garden to be built in city to mark Eurovision Song Contest.

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The Shop

The Shop

The shop open SUN, MON & TUES: 2pm - 4pm


Ukraine to English

Welcome to the Ukraine Welcome Centre, in Blundellsands.
We are very pleased to be able to offer Ukraine Speaking lessons from 27.2.2023.
There will be 2 sections, Younger people and Adults.

Use Email on Contacts page to inform us of your interest.

What we do with your DONATIONS.
They are:

Taken to INTERNATIONAL AID TRUST for distribution in Ukraine,
Used here by the centre users.
If we have too much of something or they are not suitable , we will:
Sell them to raise funds for our running costs,
or Passed onto other Charities.
Back, By popular demand, Barbs Cardmaking on a sunday!! 2-4pm
will be in the main Ukraine hall so you can all make your cards for Easter. So look out for her!! Good luck to all the happy Cardmakers.
National Trust - All Ukrainian guests, living with an active National Trust member can receive a free 6-month admission pass. The pass is renewable, provides entry to National Trust places and covers all accompanying children under the age of 18.
If you would like to receive a pass, please contact the Supporter Services team on 0344 800 1895. or Email the here. We would just require their full names, full address (including postcode) and confirmation of whether an individual or family pass is required.
"Together we are many"
For Centre Opening times, please visit the contact page. Here.